I Dreamed a Dream 我曾有夢


There was a time when men were kind 曾經有那麼段時間   人性是和善的

when their voices were soft   他們的聲音如此柔和

and their words inviting  他們的話語如此吸引人

There was a time when love was blind   曾經有那麼段時間    愛是盲目不顧一切的

and the world was a song   世界是首美妙的歌曲

and the song was exciting   旋律如此使人欣喜

There was a time  曾經有那麼段時間


Then it all went wrong   而它卻全部變了樣


I dreamed a dream in time gone by  我夢想過那樣的日子
When hope was high and life worth living  生活充滿著希望  生命充滿動力
I dreamed that love would never die  在那個夢裡  愛永遠不會消逝
I dreamed that God would be forgiving.   在那個夢裡  上帝是仁慈的

Then I was young and unafraid   當時  我很年輕   無所畏懼
And dreams were made and used and wasted.   在夢境中歡度虛擲
There was no ransom to be paid,  無須代價
No song unsung, no wine untasted.  無歌不歡   無酒不飲

But the tigers come at night     但虎群卻在深夜來襲
With their voices soft as thunder    帶著如雷震般的軟語
As they tear your hope apart       牠們將你的希望撕裂
As they turn your dream to shame.     牠們將你的夢想化為羞愧

He slept a summer by my side    他在夏日與我同眠
He filled my days with endless wonder.     他用無盡的美好填滿我的生活
He took my childhood in his stride     他瀟灑的摘取我的純真
But he was gone when autumn came.    但他卻在秋天離開了我

And still I dreamed he'd come to me,     我仍舊希望他會回來找我
That we would live the years together      仍舊希望這些年我們能夠生活在一起
But there are dreams that can not be      但  總有無法完成的夢想
And there are storms we can not weather.       總有無法承受的暴風雨

I had a dream my life would be         我曾經夢想過的我的生活

So different from this hell I'm living,        如此不同於這個我苟活的地獄  

So different now from what it seemed      如此不同於現下面對的生活


Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.       而     生活     早就扼殺了  我曾有過的夢





安海瑟威的表現真的太突出了!!  實至名歸!


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